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How To Plant Fruit Trees

cherry-treeFruit trees need special attention in the first years of existence in order to guarantee proper production and a normal development. Knowing how to plant fruit trees is an essential skill for anyone wanting to create an orchard from zero or just wanting to replace the old trees in the backyard.

Planting fruit trees is not a difficult at all, but certain preparatory actions are needed in order to ensure success. Access to correct knowledge and acquiring the right set of skills is mandatory, as there are multiple sources which pretend to be pertinent in the matter.

Planting fruit trees starts with selecting the type of fruits you want to obtain. Although trees can be planted from seed, best results are obtained with saplings which are grafted so that they produce a superior quality and quantity of fruits. Selecting the planting season is again important and you can choose between late autumn and early spring. Ideal conditions for planting fruit trees include a sunny spot and a sufficient depth of soil. It is also important to avoid planting in low areas where water might accumulate for larger periods of time in the raining season. If water drainage is poor, roots will rot in the ground.

The whole should be dug larger than the actual room needed for the roots in order to break the soil and allow easy roots development. Adding compost at the base of the fruit tree upon planting should be done with extreme care, as some types can burn the roots. It is important to ensure that the roots are fully covered by soil and therefore gentle press around the trunk is recommended. Soil which accommodates the newly planted tree should be compacted enough in order to allow contact between the roots and the soil, but without damaging them.

If you would like to find out what kind of regular tree service fruit tress require check out this site. In order to yield the expected results it involves regular check-ups, providing the needed humidity, and protection against parasites and other negative conditions. Tree service can also include soil improvements in areas in which the soil is lacking nutrients and is unable to support extended vegetation. Collecting just the fruits year after year is not enough to guarantee long-term survival and it is quite possible for fruit trees to encounter several problems during their lifetime.

Tree pruning is usually perceived as a counter-intuitive action by most amateur horticulturists. Pruning is the name given to the set of actions which target the removal of parts of the tree such as branches. The main purposes of tree pruning are deadwood removal, controlling and directing growth, maintaining health, reducing the risk of falling branches, as well as increasing the yield of quality fruits. Reducing the overall height of a tree is another reason behind pruning, as well as allowing a better circulation of air. Superior yields are obtain when tree pruning removes excess branches and allows better light access.

Tree service and tree pruning are actions easy to make on fruits trees which are young and have a limited growth. But when it comes to larger trees, both tree service and tree pruning can become difficult. The need to climb and use heavy saws can take the job out of the hands of the inexperienced. Fortunately, it takes a considerable number of years since planting, before trees reach a development which makes tree pruning difficult. In early years, tree pruning is quite easy, and involves a couple of branches to be cut off. Nevertheless, decision regarding tree pruning should be taken with special attention, as this has the ability to influence later development.

When tree pruning is done, it involves building a strategy of how the fruit tree will be allowed to grow. Most common goals of tree pruning are promoting vertical growth by eliminating downwards branches, and making sure that branches form a symmetrical and proportioned canopy. Branches which intersect or grow towards the center of the tree should also be removed. Symmetry is especially important for avoiding tree overturning in the case of strong winds.

Tree service and tree pruning are actions which can guarantee the successful development of a newly planted tree. Nevertheless, they require the implementation of correct knowledge and skills.