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Where to Find the Best Gardening Ideas

Perhaps the most important thing you need to remember before you install your garden is that your home is unique in its own way. Therefore, the garden you develop should not at any one time look like that in your neighbours abode. A good garden should reflect your style and personality. Therefore, you might be required to do your homework well before you choose the ultimate garden design for your property.

best gardening ideas

There are many places you can get gardening ideas. They include;

The internet

With a stable internet connection, you don’t have to leave your home to find the best gardening ideas. All you need to do is search for things like “best gardening ideas” or “killer gardening ideas for 2020,” and you will get thousands of results.

You cannot exhaust the information in the online world. Therefore, when looking for gardening ideas, it is recommended that you don’t spend a lot of time going through all the pages that come in the results. Instead, focus on credible sites such as Pinterest, and others that come on the first page.

There are sites that will give you ideas that are not practical. Therefore, be careful when choosing the website to trust.

YouTube is another fantastic place where you can get gardening ideas on the web. Unlike the images you find on sites, YouTube will provide you with video, which will enable you to find the most practical ideas that will suit your home.

The neighbourhood

During your evening walk, endeavour to look at gardens in the neighbourhood, and you might find an idea that will work for you. However, don’t get into a person’s house without their consent, lest you might find yourself in court for trespass. When you identify a garden you believe will work for your home, consider seeking permission from the owner. If granted, ask a few questions about your garden, and ask whether you can take a photo.

When you do this, go home and determine ways you can distort the idea to complement your unique needs.

Property shows

There are hundreds of channels that air property shows. If you are looking for the best gardening ideas, endeavour to watch such shows. They will not only give you tens of ideas that you can implement, but they will also tell you the kind of plants that can do well in your area.

Property magazines

If you can’t find time to sit and watch property shows, you can get the best ideas from property magazines. In fact, you can get a magazine that is specially written for your locality, so that you can find the most ideal gardens that can do well in your home.

Gardening expert

Another amazing way to get an idea on the type of garden you can install in your home is to visit gardening experts. Most of them have a showroom, which showcases various type of gardens and the benefits they can give to a homeowner.

If you aren’t sure on the type of garden you need, you can part with a few bucks as consultation fees, and let a gardening expert help you make the most informed decision.

Things You Should Add In Your Garden

best garden additions

In a bid to build a world-class garden, there are things that you should never forget to add. They include;


Lighting is one of the best ways to add glamour to your garden. Therefore, as soon as your garden is installed, do research and find out the best lights that will work best for your space.

A gardening expert can help you make this decision, although you might need to pay a few dollars for consultation. If you don’t want to incur this cost, simply browse through the internet for gardens that are similar to yours and determine the ideal types that you can use. You can also ask questions on social media groups you belong to, especially those that relate to home décor.

Garden lighting does not only enhance the appeal pf your outdoor space, but it also gives life to your garden when night falls. Also, it can go a long mile in increasing your home’s value.


An outdoor patio is a place where you get quality alone time, as you think about things happening around your life. It is also a place where you entertain friends, or have dinner with your family. Therefore, having one in your garden is something that should be at the top of your must-do list during your next home renovation.

Make sure that the patio you build complements the curb appeal of your garden. To get the best out of your element, install it using some of the best materials in the market, such as marble, gemstone, Riverstone, natural stone, wood, or bricks.

However, all these materials come at a cost. If you are working on a budget, you can use concrete, which will assure you of strength and longevity. Additionally, concrete is highly versatile; hence you can use it to mimic all the high-end products you can think of.


If there is no functional drainage in your garden, then rest assured that the overall integrity of your home will be compromised in no time. Water will soon find its way into various elements in your home, including the foundation and cause costly damage.

To prevent this, make sure there is drainage in your garden. Regularly remove debris such as leaves from the drainage, so that you can minimize water damage and the growth of mould and mildew which can be detrimental to your health.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are other crucial elements that you should add to your gardens. They are specially made to prevent erosion, but if you construct them correctly, they can improve the quality of your garden, and boost the value of your property. To get the best results, make sure that retaining walls are made with concrete, which will give the strength, water resistance, and the chemical resistance capabilities they need to remain functional for decades.

Look at your garden. Does it have these elements? Well, if it doesn’t, consider calling the relevant contractors and have them in place as soon as you can.

Is Gardening A DIY Task? The Ultimate Answer

Gardening is beautiful. It is an exercise that helps you explore your creativity while improving the value of your home at the same time. It is, doubtlessly one of the best activities that you can engage in. it improves your physical, as well as your mental wellbeing. It improves the curb appeal of your outdoor space, and converts your home into an adorable piece of art.

gardening DIY

But even though gardening is an amazing to engage in, is it really a DIY task?

Well, the answer to this question is straightforward. It is yes and no.

The answer is yes, because you can create a beautiful garden from scratch, and when you maintain it well, it can become the most beautiful part of your modern home.

Creating a garden by yourself is easy. There are a few steps involved, which include;

Find an idea

Remember, your home is unique in its own way. It is the place where you reside; thus it should reflect your personality. For this reason, don’t let your garden look like that of your neighbours, or like the one you saw on a property show. You need to make it unique. Therefore, look for ideas online, from the neighbourhood and from property magazines, and twerk them so that they can fit your needs.

Consider your space

You might have the best idea, but the worst mistake you can make is to create a busy garden. It will not only look disorganised, but it can also compromise the overall beauty of your outdoor space. Therefore, look at your space and determine whether it will accommodate your idea, or you will need to make a few changes to get the best results.

Consider the weather

The weather in your locality will determine the type of plants that you will include in your garden. If you have the time, you can visit an expert who will advise you on the best flowers, trees, and shrubs that will work best for your home.

Have your soil tested

One step that you should never skip is to have your soil tested. This will give you an analysis of the nutrients you need to add, so that your plants can grow healthy.

Plan your garden

Once you have done everything outlined above, create a perfect plan for your garden. The plan should include your goals, and a graphical aspect of what you want to achieve in the end. Also, it should outline some of the activities you will need to engage in, so that your garden can look good for a long time.

When you follow these steps, you will doubtlessly have a garden of your dreams without the input of professionals.

You also need to remember that no was also part of our answer. If you don’t love getting your hands dirty, gardening is not for you. Also, if you believe you are too busy to take care of your garden, or install it in the first place, then you need to hire a professional gardener to do the work for you. Also, don’t forget to schedule maintenance services.

Cutting Down Energy Costs through Tree Planting

There are many ways that trees could help you cut down your energy cost. Trees can also add value to your property. Trees provide shade to an area. Planting trees in your yard can effectively reduce the amount of energy you use in a regular basis, especially if you live in hot areas. During summertime, people often use their air conditioners and electric fans daily. The energy consumption during this time of the year is very high. Adding trees around your home creates a cool environment for your home. You will no longer feel the necessity of turning on your air conditioner all the time. Planting trees can cut your energy costs by a significant amount.

Trees can also be beneficial for homeowners who are living in cold areas. A tree’s trunks and leaves can act as wind-breakers during wintertime. This reducing the chance of people to experience wind chills if there are trees around them. Dried tree trunks and twigs can also be used as fuel for fireplaces, thus reducing the consumption of charcoal or gas inserts.

In adding trees to your home, you should carefully place them in the right positions. Your home is shaded if the trees are positioned in the left and ride side of it. If you live in hot areas, adding more trees in your backyard is advisable to create more shade.

There are different species of trees. It will take several years before a single tree can fully grow, but it can already provide a partial shade to an area upon growing. The ideal tree for the home is a tree that can grow to a height that exceeds your house. Taller trees can provide a wider shade to homes. You can search for your ideal tree online. There are many ornamental trees out there.

When you plant trees, always make sure to plant them deep underground. Do not plant them too close to your house because the roots can damage its structures. It can also be dangerous for you to have very close trees in your property during a storm. If necessary, add support stands on a growing tree to make sure that it is growing straight. You should also regularly check the growing tree for insects and remove them once spotted. Insects can destroy young trees in just a short time. There are many pest control products today that can kill insects without damaging the plants.

How to Create a Green Living Environment

Most every homeowner these days is aware of the options for making their house “greener.” This essentially means making changes about the home that contribute to clean energy practices and reduce harmful effects to the environment. Though it can seem overwhelming and sometimes costly to make these changes, most of them can actually save you money in the long run. They will also give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing the right thing for generations to come. Read on to discover some easy ways to incorporate green living principles into your home improvement projects.

One of the easiest things you can do to reduce energy consumption in your home is to insulate walls, lofts, attics, and between-floor spaces. Do not assume that these areas were already insulated when you purchased your home, particularly if your home is over twenty years old. Have these areas inspected for proper insulation coverage, as well as to identify the type of insulation used. Some older types of insulation used materials that have since been deemed harmful to home environments, to your health, and to the world at large. Consider having this type of insulation replaced throughout the house.

Take a look at your heating system and determine whether it should be replaced. Older units that are not functioning at full capacity can cost you a lot of money in reduced heat output, pulling a lot more energy to make them run. They are also harmful to the environment in various ways. Consider replacing older units with modern ones with an Energy Star rating. Ask about rebates from your utility provider for installing these newer appliances, as well as tax deductions that can lower your overall tax bill at the end of the year.

Though it can be a much larger job than many homeowners wish to take on, adding solar panels to your roof can make a huge difference in energy consumption. You would be getting your heat from the sun itself, adding up to a lot of savings over time. The cost of installing them can be high, but ask around about rebates, free installation offers, and government grants. Some solar panel companies will also allow you to pay over time, balancing out the cost of the panels with your reduced energy consumption.

Replace older windows with ones that have double or triple glazing, or styles that are tinted. The frames themselves may need replacing if the wood is deteriorating. If you want to keep the original wood, consider having it refitted with newer glass and caulked and sealed to prevent unwanted heat transfer.

Pay attention to how you use water around the home. Install a rainwater collection system and use the water retained for washing dishes, watering plants and many other things. Fit toilets with a short flush option which uses less water, or replace the entire toilet with a more energy-efficient version. Replace shower heads with models that distribute water better, creating the sense of a full shower without using extra water.

Use some of the ideas here to make your home greener, while making the world cleaner. We can all do out part to make this a better world, so start today with these easy and accessible home improvement projects.

Tips To Help You With Solar Energy Use

You can save lots of money and do the environment a lot of good by using solar energy at home and at work. Here is a collection of tips that will help you in making the most of clean, economical solar power.

If you’re going to convert your home or your business to entirely solar energy use, you’ll want to calculate the number of solar energy power panels you”ll need. Have a look at your current electric bills to get an idea of your current power consumption patterns. This will help you figure out the number of solar panels you need to go completely solar.

Do an online search to find the most economical place to purchase your solar panels. Be sure to calculate costs such as delivery and installation. When you’re comparing one solar panel provider with another, make sure that each one provides the same services, or you will be unable to make a sound comparison.

Remember that placement of your solar panels is very important for optimum use. Most people place solar panels on the roofs of their homes. Others set them up in a separate area away from the home that gets excellent sun exposure. Study the layout of your property and determine the area in which you get the most consistent sun. This is where you’ll want to place your solar panels.

Solar energy is really just now coming into its own as a viable power source; however, it has been considered as a potential power source since the 1970s. For this reason, you’ll want to be certain that the solar technology you buy is up to the minute. There are tremendous differences between the huge, heavy solar panels of the 1970s and the lightweight, easy to install solar options available today. Don’t get taken in by someone attempting to sell you old technology.

Generally speaking, it’s better to have your solar panels professionally installed than to do it yourself. If you do decide to do it yourself, be certain to read the instructions very carefully and follow them to the letter. Otherwise you might find yourself wasting lots of time and ending up with an installation that is less than safe and efficient.

Whether you plan to do your solar installation yourself or with the help of a professional, it will be very helpful to you to have a complete plan. After all, solar installation is a home improvement project, and we all know that home-improvement projects need to be carefully planned to avoid unnecessary trips to the home improvement center, lumberyard or other source for items that have been forgotten. Additionally, remember that no matter how carefully you plan your solar installation, it is sure to take quite a bit longer than you thought. That’s just the nature of home-improvement projects.

One thing that absolutely must be adhered to is your budget. While your time and the equipment plan may be somewhat flexible, your budget should not be. You should determine the amount of money that you have to set aside for solar panels and installation, add a cushion, and then stick with that amount. Otherwise you could end up spending huge amounts of unplanned money, and it would make recouping your installation costs via energy savings take quite a bit longer.

By following the tips presented here and using good comparison shopping techniques, making good plans and adhering to a reasonable budget, you will soon find yourself enjoying the benefits of solar power in your home. Although you may be a little bit distressed by the initial outlay of cash necessary to convert your home to solar energy, your frown will be turned upside down as you reap the benefits of money saved and even money earned by producing your own power for your home with solar energy.

Solar Energy: The Advantages of Solar Power for your Home

Generally, people will think about changing out their floors, putting on a new roof, adding new paint, and just general work and upgrades on the house when you say home renovation. And some people will think about issues like heaters, air conditioners, and also pipes. But when you are doing some home improvement work to your house, you may want to consider solar energy and the benefits it can provide to you. One of the main reasons why you will want to consider solar energy is the simple fact that it can provide you with power for free, so you will not have to pay for it.

A huge advantage of using solar energy is that it will boost the value of your property by quite a lot. You can see any where up to a 157% increase in the value of your property, by simply using solar energy on your home, installed by a qualified electrician. Besides boosting the value of your home it will save you a ton of money on your energy bill as well.

When you are selling your home, having a solar energy system connected will help sell it faster as well. And people are more willing to pay more money for it. People love a home where you will be able to save a lot of money owning because you do not have to worry about energy bills. This is becoming more and more appealing nowadays because the price of energy is constantly going up and there is no sign of it going back down. So with a solar energy system connected, you could have done everything you normally do but without having to worry about breaking the bank in the process. You can also receive energy credits as well from having a home that is very energy efficient, which is always a nice thing to have. And another aspect to keep into account of is that homes that are equipped with solar energy systems normally outsell conventional homes, because the many benefits and advantages that come included with a home that has this system.

So there are a lot of renovations you can do that can boost your home’s equity, but none of them are nowhere near as effective as installing a solar energy system to the house. This system will not only save you money but it can make you money as well, so there is no reason why you should not install solar energy right now.

Ways Home Insulation Can Save You Money

ac repair tampaJust like a car which needs an engine and other important parts to operate, your new HVAC also requires a well-insulated home for maximum smooth and efficient operation.

Contact your local ac repair tampa contractor who can give you good advice on insulation.

Efficiency is very paramount in HVAC systems. The efficiency of these systems is affected by their age as well as home insulation. Therefore, if you are a homeowner, you need to insulate the empty gaps in your house such as walls, ducts, windows, rafters, among other parts for steady room temperature maintenance.

However, home insulation isn’t limited to just those functions. From here, you will get to know more about home insulation- further advantages, types, costs and how to insulate your home properly.


Reasons for home insulation

Proper home insulation helps an HVAC to experience less resistance. When a house isn’t well insulated, warm air produced by HVAC escapes, compelling the system to overwork thus increased energy bills and/or HVAC damage. If an HVAC system fails due to poor insulation during the extremely cold months, your family may develop health issues due to the coldness. Therefore, lack of proper home insulation may cost you a lot; both regarding money and health.

Parts to Insulate

Ensure that all the parts of your home that are connected to the exteriors are insulated. Such parts include attic, roof, windows, walls, ducts, doors, floors, and ceilings.

Types of Home Insulation

The types include:

  1. Fiberglass Insulation: This is the most prominent type and can be bought in the form of batts or loose fill. Batts are woven insulation blankets with a paper or foil to protect them from moisture. Batts are easy to install. Apart from being relatively cheap, fiberglass is also resistant to fire and water.
  1. Mineral Wool Insulation: Although the structure of mineral wool is almost the same as that of fiber glass, the former is more costly and harder to find than the latter. However, mineral wool settles with time and becomes sticky when wet, making its insulating function less effective.
  1. Cellulose Insulation: Recycled papers are the major components of cellulose. It comes as a treated loose fill product which resists pest and moisture damage. Nevertheless, cellulose insulation loses its effectiveness and also becomes heavy and compacted when it absorb moisture.
  1. Spray Foam Caution: this is a product of polyurethane which is as a result of a mixture of two chemicals whose application is done with a hose. The disadvantage of this insulation is that it can cause a foul smell as well as health and breathing problems if it is not installed correctly.

Costs associated with home Insulation

The total costs for insulating a home differ depending on the method and insulation type utilized. Although many people who own homes do the insulation on their own, it is important to involve an expert to determine the exact requirements. This is particularly paramount if the local building codes influence the insulation.

Insulate your home and see your savings increase

Just like the majority of projects, as a homeowner can save some money if you install your home insulation on your own. However, hiring a contractor can help you in saving time and resources. This is because the expert will come up and use the exact materials needed. The use of an appropriate amount of materials leads to reduced energy consumption thus less energy bill. Besides, your contractor will install the insulation in such a way that there will be reduced fire risks in your home.

Approximately, your HVAC accounts for 70% of your total home power bills. Therefore, you can significantly cut your energy bills by having your home properly insulated. As you consider insulating your home, remember to get the best type of insulation.

Contact a local HVAC expert to test the insulation of your home.

Your Guide to the 3 Different Types of Pavers

Before you start with your pavers project, it is very important that you identify the best type of paver stone that will suit your space best.

Take note that they are not just a valuable addition to the aesthetic value of your place; they are also among the best alternatives to concrete that you can have.

Interlocking paving stones are locked together so that there will be nothing that grows in between them and they are also designed to shift in accordance to the ground so that cracks can be prevented. This way, homeowners would have the chance to choose the right one that goes perfectly with their taste and preferences. As we have mentioned, you have to know about the different paver types before you get on with any pavers project.

Tumbled Pavers
When we say tumbled pavers, we are referring to the type of paver that you usually see when you go around to shop for standard pavers. They are in demand because of the natural, antique look that they have, which resulted from a process that wears down their shard edges.

After you complete this particular process, it would look like the paver stones have been tested through time because the edges were broken or chipped. If you want your place to have some sort of old look or feel, the tumbled pavers is the right one for you.

Textured Pavers
Compared to tumbled pavers, this particular type are textured and this is what you should get if you are into a more custom and expensive appearance. This is usually used in pool areas because the texture they have helps avoid accidents like slipping or falling.

Smooth Pavers
Smooth pavers are what you should get if you want to have a cohesive look in your space since they will give you a smooth and solid surface. They can be used in your driveway, for your walkway or even your patio if you want things to have convenient symmetry. If you are looking for a classy, polished look, this type of paver is the perfect one for you.

If you are trying to look for the best place to get the pavers you need for your home, you just have to log into the Internet and start searching for paver specials. There are a lot of affordable deals and discounts that you can avail to. They can also help you save a great deal of money if you are handling a major pavers project.

You also have to make sure that you have the right contractor to help you. There are so many reviews that can help you when it comes to selecting the best one and there is also a chance that you will be pointed to those who received an Angie’s List Super Service Award, an award given to outstanding services providers in this field.

Improving your Pool with Pool Decking

There are a lot of things you will want to think about when it comes down to pool decking. Such as this is a great place to relax on a nice day next to your swimming pool. Also, you can have pool decking with any kind of swimming pool, so it does not matter if it is an in ground pool or an above ground pool. The decking will usually be part of the in ground pool, while for an above ground pool, you will need to add the decking afterwards. One important thing you should consider when it comes down to pool decking, is that it is very important that it is smooth and cool, so you will not burn your feet in the summer.

There are plenty of materials you can use for good pool decking, such as concrete, stone, tiles, composite, or even wood. They will all have their textures as well, so make sure you can find a material that will match your home and pool.

An important thing you will want to think about when you want to install pool decking is to ensure that it is actually slip resistant. In order to make your pool decking slip resistant, you will need to use a rough paint or stain so your feet can grip the decking.

The last thing you will want to do is refinish your decking each and every single year. So you may want to consider aluminum decking or plastic vinyl decking, because this is a material that once it is installed, you will never have to worry about it again. You will still need to do maintenance but this just means cleaning it off every once in awhile. There are a lot of benefits from using this material though, because it will not decay, rot, or attract insects. And the best part is that there are no chemicals to worry about, which is always a good thing when you have younger children around the pool.

If you want pool decking that matches the house, then it is possible to use materials that looks like real wood and can mimic your home. This is great because it can tie your pool into your home and improve the overall appearance of the house. And that is some of the basic facts and some of the benefits regarding pools and pool decking, because this is without an important addition to any house.

Bringing your Old Patio Back to Life

There are a lot of options available to you when you want to bring your old patio back to life.

There is actually a lot of ways you can refurbish and renew your patio.

Using it for a Fire Pit

If you have a patio that is not covered, then you may want to build a fire pit out there, because with just some folding chairs you can have a wonder time. You may want to hire a professional to build the fire pit for you, especially if you want it to look like it is part of your patio, and has a clean professional look to it.

Using it for a Gazebo

Another great way to refurbish your patio is by using the floor as the foundation and then building a gazebo on it. There are a lot of methods you can use when building a gazebo because you can use lattice, trellis, wrought iron, PVC, and also wood. There are quite a few different styles of gazebos you can choose from as well such as Victorian, Chinese, and many others.

And in order to make the patio look even more amazing you can add furniture, you can place a fire pit, you can put some plants, and you even add some curtains to make your gazebo look amazing and elegant.

Putting your Indoor Furniture on the Patio

Believe it or not but it is popular for people to use indoor furniture on their patios. You can out a lot of different kinds of furniture out there such as reclines, easy chairs, sofas, pillows, anything you can imagination to make your patio your own private oasis. Just make sure you have some kind of patio cover to protect the furniture from the weather.

In order to make your patio even more amazing, you can install some grills and a cooking station.

Using Awnings

If your patio is a space that you simply cannot use because of the weather, then you will want to consider installing an awning. An awning will protect the patio and you from anything that Mother Nature throws at you.

Seasonal Uses

You can also decorate the patio according to the season, which is a great use of the space and it affordable to do as well. So if it is Christmas then you may want to put some snowmen there or if it is Halloween, then you should consider placing some jack-o-lanterns.

For some further ideas for your patio, check out 4 Creative Design Ideas For Concrete Patios in San Francisco.

As you can see, there are quite a few different things you can use your old patio for. Just be creative and think outside of the box.

The Effect of Trees on Social Beings

Trees and Healthy Living

Trees will and always have been fulfilling a lot of necessities of humans. Apart from providing food and shelter they are the nature’s way of providing us oxygen. We all learn as children the importance of trees in our lives and how they affect us. What we forget is how to protect them from diseases and how to take care of them. Not only do they affect us physically but also emotionally. “The peaceful environment, the sounds, and the way they bring about the natural element to our fast worldly lives is incomparable” Eric Martin


Lasting Effects on Social Beings

Trees not only provide oxygen but also improve the quality of air surrounding us, supports wildlife, controls the climate and much more. Don’t you like to walk and jog around trees? That’s because the nature has a powerful way of keeping us close and connected, inspiring us of its beauty. We find peace and to keep that peace we must maintain our trees by giving them proper professional care. Only then the trees we dearly love will stay healthy and will keep benefiting us in many ways.

Research shows that trees have a great psychological effect, it is said that trees and wildlife can help people with nature-deficit disorder”, many of us not familiar with the term but are most certainly suffering from it. It is the disorder caused by being indoors all the time, away from nature. Improved results have been observed with patients who are more close to nature. Another research study shows that places with greenery and trees has less crime rates and more social interactive behavior. All these effects combined play an important role that cannot be challenged.

Maintain Trees for Better Living

Then we should not ignore the fact that trees are more beneficial to us than what we thought so. To keep them healthy we must take some serious actions. Keep them under observation, prune and trim when required. Ask for a professionals help from time to time.

Never ever delay any tree services because that is going to cost you a lot more. Enjoy and be inspired by nature’s treat without having to do anything at all.

How To Plant Fruit Trees

cherry-treeFruit trees need special attention in the first years of existence in order to guarantee proper production and a normal development. Knowing how to plant fruit trees is an essential skill for anyone wanting to create an orchard from zero or just wanting to replace the old trees in the backyard.

Planting fruit trees is not a difficult at all, but certain preparatory actions are needed in order to ensure success. Access to correct knowledge and acquiring the right set of skills is mandatory, as there are multiple sources which pretend to be pertinent in the matter.

Planting fruit trees starts with selecting the type of fruits you want to obtain. Although trees can be planted from seed, best results are obtained with saplings which are grafted so that they produce a superior quality and quantity of fruits. Selecting the planting season is again important and you can choose between late autumn and early spring. Ideal conditions for planting fruit trees include a sunny spot and a sufficient depth of soil. It is also important to avoid planting in low areas where water might accumulate for larger periods of time in the raining season. If water drainage is poor, roots will rot in the ground.

The whole should be dug larger than the actual room needed for the roots in order to break the soil and allow easy roots development. Adding compost at the base of the fruit tree upon planting should be done with extreme care, as some types can burn the roots. It is important to ensure that the roots are fully covered by soil and therefore gentle press around the trunk is recommended. Soil which accommodates the newly planted tree should be compacted enough in order to allow contact between the roots and the soil, but without damaging them.

If you would like to find out what kind of regular tree service fruit tress require check out this site. In order to yield the expected results it involves regular check-ups, providing the needed humidity, and protection against parasites and other negative conditions. Tree service can also include soil improvements in areas in which the soil is lacking nutrients and is unable to support extended vegetation. Collecting just the fruits year after year is not enough to guarantee long-term survival and it is quite possible for fruit trees to encounter several problems during their lifetime.

Tree pruning is usually perceived as a counter-intuitive action by most amateur horticulturists. Pruning is the name given to the set of actions which target the removal of parts of the tree such as branches. The main purposes of tree pruning are deadwood removal, controlling and directing growth, maintaining health, reducing the risk of falling branches, as well as increasing the yield of quality fruits. Reducing the overall height of a tree is another reason behind pruning, as well as allowing a better circulation of air. Superior yields are obtain when tree pruning removes excess branches and allows better light access.

Tree service and tree pruning are actions easy to make on fruits trees which are young and have a limited growth. But when it comes to larger trees, both tree service and tree pruning can become difficult. The need to climb and use heavy saws can take the job out of the hands of the inexperienced. Fortunately, it takes a considerable number of years since planting, before trees reach a development which makes tree pruning difficult. In early years, tree pruning is quite easy, and involves a couple of branches to be cut off. Nevertheless, decision regarding tree pruning should be taken with special attention, as this has the ability to influence later development.

When tree pruning is done, it involves building a strategy of how the fruit tree will be allowed to grow. Most common goals of tree pruning are promoting vertical growth by eliminating downwards branches, and making sure that branches form a symmetrical and proportioned canopy. Branches which intersect or grow towards the center of the tree should also be removed. Symmetry is especially important for avoiding tree overturning in the case of strong winds.

Tree service and tree pruning are actions which can guarantee the successful development of a newly planted tree. Nevertheless, they require the implementation of correct knowledge and skills.

Learn How to Grow Cantaloupe in your Backyard Garden

CantaloupeRaised bed, square foot, or backyard planter, learn how to grow cantaloupe right now!

Cantaloupe is a delicate, summer grown vegetable. Cantaloupes takes three months to harvest at maturity.

Cantaloupe also goes by the name muskmelon, due to its aroma.

You can start cantaloupes from seeds, directly in your garden soil, or you can use transplants with equal success.

Cantaloupe Germination

You must plant the melons after any chance of frost has passed. The fruit does not tolerate cold, so be cautious when trying to get a head start on your transplants.

To get a head start, use black plastic or floating row covers to retain the Sun’s heat.

If starting from seeds indoors, do not transplant your seedlings more than once, and do not allow the plants to become too large, as they will have their growth stunted.

Cantaloupe Seedling

Growing cantaloupes from seed is simple. It is a fairly large seed, so sow it a bit deeper in the soil, say one inch.

Growing melons in containers is only feasible if you have a trellis for the vine to attach to.

That’s the same philosophy used in square foot gardening, where the cantaloupe is planted in the end of the bed, attached to netting and a frame.

Cantaloupe Plant

In the wild, the vines grow up the sides of hills, growing the fruits on the ground, much like a pumpkin.

You can grow as much cantaloupe as you want with your hills, or one per trellis for your raised bed gardens.

When the plant begins to send vine shoots out, you can give it a boost with some nitrogen rich fertilizer.

Young Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe likes the hot, so it should not be a stretch of the imagination that they don’t do well in over watered gardens, or where drainage is not ideal.

That being said, they do not tolerate drought well, either.

When the green disappears from inside the webbing on the rind, the melon is ripe, and ready to be harvested.

Swelling Cantaloupe

If the stem does not easily release, you are too eager, the removal should be very easy.

The sweet flavour occurs as a result of the starches changing to sugars in the afternoon sun, and cannot be rushed. Cantaloupes do not continue to ripen after they are picked.

Harvest in the morning, this will help the plants recover better.

Ripening Cantaloupe

Harvest as soon as the plants have ripe fruit, or you will find that your raccoon population will be eating your bounty instead of you.

Harvesting the cantaloupes also encourages further cantaloupe production.

Don’t forget to keep some melon seeds for next year. The seeds are inside the fruit, so wash and strain them, and store in a paper envelope in a cool dry place until next year.

Learning to grow cantaloupe in your own backyard is just that simple.

Learn How to Grow Summer Squash in your Backyard Garden

Summer SquashRaised bed, square foot, or container, let’s learn how to grow some summer squash!

Summer squash is one of the all time most popular vegetables grown in a vegetable garden.

Summer squash is, as the name implies, a warm growing season vegetable. It can grow in most parts of the US during the warm months.

Summer squash grows on bush plants well suited for rows, rather than vining squash plants like winter squash, or pumpkins.

These vining varieties of winter squash need to be grown on a hill or a trellis. Hills are not needed for summer squash, as there are no vines

Summer Squash Seedlings

The main varieties of summer squash are scallop, crookneck, zucchini, and cocozelle.

Once the last chance of frost has passed, plant seeds one per square foot, following the depth guides on the seed package.

Transplant young summer squash seedlings  started indoors well after the last frost date.

Summer squash has a shallow feeder root system, so routine moisture is a requirement, as well as having well drained soil.

Summer Squash Transplants

The fruits ripen quite fast, and unlike winter squash, summer squash needs to be harvested before the skin becomes tough and woody.

The woody texture, and off flavors occur when the fruits hit maturity.

Summer squash produces every two days, the squash are ready a week after the flowers appear.

Pick scallop, or patty pan, squash when they are four inches across, and club shaped or crookneck at six inches.

Summer Squash Plant

Picking squash from the plant encourages it to grow more fruits, allowing the extras to remain on the plant wastes energy that could be devoted to growing more squashes.

Bring extra squash to friends or coworkers, or throw them in the compost bins.

Summer squash does not keep long after being harvested. Use them immediately, or the next day at the latest.

Wear gloves while harvesting, as the stems can be prickly and irritate your skin.

Summer Squash

As always, leave an inch of stem on the fruit when you cut it off the plant, this will help it stay fresher longer.

Some gardeners pick the baby fruits at only two days of growth, these ‘gourmet’ squashes are extremely tender and quite delicious.

You can even eat the florets with the green pea sized squashes just emerging, both raw and cooked.

Handle your harvest with care, as the skin is still thin since it has not reached maturity.

Summer squash produces both male and female flowers at the same time. The males have a thin stem, and the females have a small squash forming in them.

You can pinch off most of the male flowers, to help the plant focus on fruit production.

You do not need to peel summer squash, in fact – don’t, it’s where all the nutrients reside.

In the last few decades, the amount of summer squash varieties has exploded, they are very easy to create hybrids with. In fact, the zucchini was introduced to Italy only a hundred years ago from America.

Learning to grow summer squash in your backyard is just that easy.